Why hire Rob Lee? 

The advantages of experience...
  • Less Stress, (far less stress than going alone!)
  • Gobs of experience has taught me what to avoid and what to recommend. This greatly improves the ability to close.
  • A well-seasoned and informed Rolodex. I have 3500 experienced, active dealer contacts. 
  • Deal structure...without experience here a lot of work can go to waste.
  • I have worked with all the transactional attorneys in my region.  I know what to look out for and how to keep the right person's focus on the proper responsibility.
  • I have worked with all the manufacturers.  I know the importance and "how to" of coaching candidates on financial and experience criteria.
The simple issues are a big deal...
  • Cold-calling is hard to do.  As a buyer, seller or active dealer.
It's not easy to seek out comps for validation of decisions. ​​
I build an upside Pro Forma...
  • A reasonable Pro Forma is a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers.
Blue sky calculations:
  • “It’s about the math, not opinions, let me show you!”
Transaction time frame:
  • Time kills deals, I objectively keep pressure on the pace of the transaction.
You recognize the value of third party involvement on your showroom floor. You would probably use a real estate broker to sell your house. Now put that common sense to use here and call Rob Lee.

An important  transaction: Call Rob Lee

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