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Less Stress, (far less stress than going alone!)
Gobs of experience has taught me what to avoid and what to recommend. This greatly improves the ability to close.

An important  transaction: Call Rob Lee

I build an upside Pro Forma...
  • A reasonable Pro Forma is a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers.
The simple issues are a big deal...
  • Cold-calling is hard to do.  As a buyer, seller or active dealer.
It's not easy to seek out comps for validation of decisions. ​​
Transaction time frame:
  • Time kills deals, I objectively keep pressure on the pace of the transaction.
Blue sky calculations:
  • “It’s about the math, not opinions, let me show you!”
You recognize the value of third party involvement on your showroom floor. You would probably use a real estate broker to sell your house.
Now put that common sense to use here and call Rob Lee.
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