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Why Hire a Broker

List of benefits;

From numerous transactions I know what to avoid and what to recommend, greatly improving the ability to close.

Take the guess work out of the many opinions of what blue sky is worth. “It’s about the math, not opinions, let me show you!”

Walking one through the upside calculations and completing a reasonable pro forma.

The process is stressful to someone that doesn’t any experience to saying no to a $15M offer for blue sky. I take on that role with experience.

An experienced Rolodex. I have experience with many dealers in the North East, I know the right deal structure  when I see it and the right buyer when they become known.

Working with all the transactional attorneys in my region I know what to look out for and how to keep focus on the legal issues and little focus on attorneys negotiating the brokers responsibilities.

Working with manufacturers I know the importance of vetting candidates on financial and experience criteria.

Time kills deals, I objectively keep pressure on the pace of the transaction.

  • Resolve the valuation confusion

    1 hr

  • Valuation, Marketing, Negotiating, OEM Applications, Closing support

    1 hr

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