Earnings times a multiple is not a good way to calculate Blue Sky Value. In most cases the result is underpriced. I have built a web site to easily review the proper calculation. Within the Blue Sky Evaluation web site there are three screens to analyze your pricing.

  1. Data Entry; three or five year Dec YTD statements

  2. Upside predictions; Data Entry trends compared to planning volume, one to one new to used units, Fixed operations stall productivity and dollar to dollar labor to parts ratios

  3. Return on Investment and Repayment time; ROI greater than 15% and repayment less than 7 years is the barometer for Blue Sky.


Nye Automotive Group

Oneida, NY



“Our experience with Rob selling our Nissan store was so positive, we hired him again for our Honda Store."

Peter Folino,

Staten Island Auto Group

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