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Dealerships Needed

Our network of qualified buyers, looking for the right opportunity, continues to grow every day. That's why we need your dealership or dealer group platform. We have public and privately held dealer groups looking for specific franchises (import and domestic) in geographic locations throughout the country. Additionally, we have private equity groups that have partnered with proven dealer operators looking for a platform of stores in most markets throughout the country. Please contact me personally for a confidential conversation about the opportunity this could have for you.


“Our experience with Rob selling our Nissan store was so positive, we hired him again for our Honda Store."

Peter Folino,

Staten Island Auto Group

Wyoming Valley Porsche



"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do".

 -Henry Ford

Central Pennsylvania
Chevrolet Buick GMC
Imaged Facility
Profitable & good upside
New Jersey
GM Full Line
New Jersey
Chrysler Full Line
Western  Pennsylvania
Chevrolet Buick
New Jersey
Chevrolet Buick GMC

Contact me to review how Blue Sky is calculated. Guarantee you will learn.

Learn how ROI is calculated and what is the repayment time frame.

Dealerships Available  for Sale


Northeast Expert

From Maryland to Maine - no one knows more about Auto Dealerships for Sale than Rob Lee. 

Selling an automobile dealership is unique, it takes experience at many levels; It could take up to 12 professionals, being involved. Are they all experienced with the sale of an automobile dealership?

I started in the car business in my father’s operation in Boston and eventually became an operating partner. I spent 15 years with NCM the 20-group company. As C-O-O I had the responsibility of building the in-dealership consulting and training division for NCM. This experience supplied the opportunity to analyze dealership performance, train a team of 18 consultants to start up this new division for NCM and become 40% of the company’s revenue. My brokering dealerships began in 2012 with the Tim Lamb Group. Why not use my unique skill set to help you successfully negotiate the sale of your automotive dealership.

When we get the chance to talk, let's dig deeper into, the fundamentals!

Manufacturer’s, attorneys, vetting buyers and buyers that will be approved, valuation and marketing. Sure, the future performance of the dealership may not get the proper attention, but it is key to making a deal come true. Being able to get buy-in from a prospective buyer is an important part. They need to be able to understand the math, see it on paper and then negotiate on the same validated approach. Both Sellers and Buyers like my approach, they say it results in confidence. Buyers often get stuck on a gut feel for what a dealership is worth because they want to buy at a discount.

My goal is to get the transaction to the finish line. That takes coaching both the seller and buyer.  The point is, by having me as your broker you’ll have someone you can depend on, someone who knows the business, the process, and brings great value throughout the transaction.

So, keep in mind when you start to list a dealership for sale, a third-party structure is a safe and smart approach. You can be sure that when things get challenging you’ll be prepared. Many times, I have steered buyers and sellers that got frustrated, back on the right path and a successful close! As you probably know your day job running a dealership is much different from selling your dealership, but both are “now” oriented responsibilities.

So why not Bring the added expertise you need to your closing, I’m as far away as the phone is. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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